Praxis Product Design engage all projects with a flexible, open mind. We are intent on achieving an elegant solution for you. Our process revolves around a simple four-step approach.

Discussion - before we start designing, we talk with clients to find out more about their business, ideally on their premises to gain insights into their operations. By the time they give approval to proceed, our clients have a sound understanding of our approach, a formal Programme Proposal, and confidence that we have the expertise to meet their needs.

Generation - we excel at generating ideas, and clients come back to us for that reason. We use our design instincts, backed up with formal methods and solid experience, to create a range of compelling design options. We show our concepts and models early and often throughout this stage. At a formal presentation, clients can select the most suitable design to progress.

Evolution - we bring the design to a comprehensively CAD modelled and documented state. We confirm selection of materials and manufacturing processes. The design is now finalised and viable. Deliverables such as models, test-rigs and prototypes can be used for performance tests, field trials and user feedback.

Finalisation - the design is now optimised for manufacture and assembly. We produce manufacturing documentation, to internationally recognised standards, and liaise with vendors to ensure compliance with performance and quality requirements. We stay with the client to resolve any outstanding issues. Further advisory involvement can be arranged on a retainer basis, as required.